Cape Town, Saturday, 2/06

Day 5- Ahhhh, a beautiful, clear day in Cape Town. After catching up a bit on our sleep, we decided to stock the refrigerator by checking out the local farmer’s market. Getting there meant walking through The Company’s Garden Park. The Dutch East India Company started a garden to resupply their ships traveling the spice trade route and provision the Dutch colonists with vegetables. The garden was started in 1652 and is still under cultivation. The Company’s Garden is now a large public park and botanical garden.


You can imagine our amazement to find that the farmer’s market didn’t include any fruits or veggies! All the items offered were prepared foods, along with music and artisans. This meant a walk to the local Wellness Center (small & only organic market) and Woolworths market. No not that Woolworths….this one has some old and obscure connection to Marks & Spencer. I am already missing New Seasons.

An aside about electricity. It is very confusing, in that our apartment plug-ins have to have adapters.  Very little plugs in without one. Even most of the smaller apartment appliances won’t plug in. Our adapters need adapters so we will be buying some new ones. There is only one that was in the apartment. We have been charging all our devices with our portable battery packs. Seems an odd system…?? I think it might be that a lot of the appliances are imported.

Decided to go searching for adapters. Whoa, I have never seen such a varied and huge selection. Thank goodness Pete took a photo of the one in our apartment. We found what we wanted in the first 3 blocks and then we just kept walking all the way down to the V & A (Victoria & Albert) Waterfront. Of course we got lost, not once, not twice, but three times. I was navigating and Pete was losing his sense of humor. Poor thing is coming down with a cold, which can make him a bit peckish. Took a cab back after having covered a few more miles than intended.


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