The Journey, Tues-Friday, 02/02-02/05

Day 2- stellar time on Day 1 from Long Beach to New York’s JFK. Decided to stay over near the airport, so we could sleep in a real bed before our next day’s grueling flights.  FYI, don’t bother with the hotel shuttle. It meant a mile walk, Airtrain to Federal Circle, then standing in the cold for 30 minutes.  Spring for the $10 cab, really.


New York

So, Day 2 was all hurry and wait. Booked flights to Madrid through United. They booked us through Brussels air, a co-op deal that is less expensive. The only downside was having to get our boarding passes at the airport. Brussels Air was superb and we made it to Brussels in 6 & 1/2 hours. Some serious turbulence during dinner. Had to hold on to our drinks to keep from wearing them.

We left JFK at 6:16 pm on Wednesday and it is now Thursday morning in Brussels after gaining 6 hours.

Off to Madrid!!

Day 3- a day of ‘speed dating’ European Capital cities, Brussels, Madrid and Paris.  Is she crazy??? Yes…and no…first we are in no hurry, plenty of time between planes and we saved lotsa $$$$.  That was the theory. The reality is that with 6 hours sleep in the last 48 hours and multiple airports to navigate, it has been exhausting to say the least. But, the savings made it worth it, as we wouldn’t have been able to make the trip otherwise. Fingers crossed, we have been very fortunate on finding our way around and our flights have been very pleasant. No attitude or serious mishaps. Geesh, it makes me nervous just saying that!

We are sitting at Charles DeGaulle airport waiting for the big kahuna flight to Johannesburg.  11 hours of flying  Africa is soooo big. Way bigger than most of our maps depict. 11,668,599 square miles, is more land mass than China, India, the United States and most of Europe put together.  Can’t wait to get there…

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