Gone Fishing Again…

May 24, 2019

Suzanne and I took a day off, we are resting up for tomorrow’s travel marathon. We lounged around the house, had a croissant with almond paste for breakfast, ate lunch in, read books and discussed our upcoming travel day. We only ventured out for dinner at a wonderful, but modest restaurant, La Goutte D’Or. Asparagus with morel mushrooms in a cream sauce, seared tuna with foie gras and wild asparagus, and mini crepes filled with pineapple cream and served with homemade strawberry sorbet. This was a fantastic meal, a good bye to Burgundy, our car and the winding down of the trip. On to Paris tomorrow….

This isn’t the best photo, but I wanted you to see the wild asparagus, it was so good.

The sun was going down as we left the restaurant. It’s staying light until about 9:30 pm.

Here are some photos that didn’t get posted the last couple days. An FYI, several of the cavern photos posted yesterday were Suzanne’s.

The photo of the house below was taken on our walk around Bèze.

The photo above is one of my favorite photos of the Bèze River yesterday. It shows the lushness of the area.

The military were in town yesterday. I read that they train in the caverns, along with the police and firemen. I’m not sure what you train for in caves, but it was interesting.

On our way to Bèze we saw a lake with all these little sail boats. We pulled off the highway and hiked up to see what was going on….sailing lessons were in progress, with men yelling instructions and all the little sailboats performing maneuvers.

This is an ancient Penaisot wash house that was built along the river.

Here are a few more photos of artwork from the Musee des Beaux in Beaune.

So, Au revoir…… tomorrow it’s a drive to Dijon, train to Paris and taxi to hotel. There will be much to report.

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