Just What We Were Looking For….

May 5, 2019

Woke up to pouring rain this morning, beating so hard on the window that it sounded like hail. We are taking our day off from sightseeing and taking it easy for most of the day.

Here are some more photos from our stay in Santa Marghertia Ligure.

These little mechanized rides for kids are so charming I had to take a picture.

This is Umberto I of Italy. He was King from 1887 to his assassination by an American-Italian anarchist in 1900.

Looking back on Santa Margherita from the ferry.

Coastline point with castle.

Lunch in Portofino, the prawns were a wrestling match but worth the trouble. With the squid ink linguine the dish was delicious.

Happy wedding party in Portofino. The bride to be is standing and was dancing while everyone clapped in time to the music.

A painting that I really like by Emanuele Mura that is in a Portofino gallery.

Passed this terraced garden on our ferry ride.

Castle Brown was perched up above Portofino for defense in the 15th-Century.

Well today wasn’t quite as laid back as initially imagined. We decided we needed to walk to the grocery store for some more great Italian cookies. Then I got the bright idea that we should take our laundry and get it done. I found a self service laundromat online and we headed out, in my case with what felt like about 15 lbs of dirty clothes. Of course the laundry had closedown and all the other laundries were closed because it was Sunday. We did find the grocery and get our cookies, but 3 miles of lugging laundry didn’t feel quite as restful as I was envisioning.

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