Murano…Oop’s Burano

April 25, 2019

This was our big island hopping day. We headed for Ferry Terminal 12 to catch the Vaporetto to Murano. This long walk took us through an unexplored area of Venice. The walk was very, very crowded on the main thoroughfares. We were both relieved to duck down an empty alley to escape the masses of people.

Once we got out of the crowds and into the little residential areas it was so lovely.

Great tree growing out of this Palazzo balcony.

We found the ferry terminal and got our round trip tickets to Murano. The Vaporetto (ferry) was a large one and it was packed with people. Because we had found seats inside the ferry we were unable to work our way through the crowd to the exit before the ferry started loading again, so off we went to Burano.

Stopped for a light lunch on the canal outside of this little restaurant. After Suzanne got our ticketing straightened out it was back to Murano.

Another packed ferry trip to Murano, with some very overly tired, cranky young children. This time we were prepared and positioned ourselves to be able to make the exit at our stop. I had been to Murano glass factories before, it was fun to watch the men work and blow their creations, but I’d never just visited the island. It was pretty much glass shop after glass shop after glass shop with very few restaurants and gelato shops thrown into the mix. With a little reminder from our friend Marcia, we made sure to find a Gelato shop and sample some Tiramisu, Mango and Mint. Yummmm! The shops ran the gamut from inexpensive glass trinkets, some of which were quite amusing to very chic and expensive displays.

The glass pieces above are around 3″ to 6″ tall. The detail and fine work are incredible.

The little piece pictured below was maybe 7″ tall, amazing.

By the time we’d walked around peering in all the windows, it was getting to be late afternoon and we were going to be standing in a 200′ line to get on a jam packed ferry. Personally I couldn’t face running the human gauntlet and the long walk back to the hotel, so I offered to get us a water taxi back to Venice. WooHoo!

The perfect ending to this day. On to rest, dinner and a glass of wine.

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