Day 29- Rarotonga, Cook Islands

February 9, 2018

Our last full day in the Cook Islands, we decided to hit the beach one more time, then have a late lunch at a famous beach shack restaurant called Charlie’s. 

Of course I went snorkeling, practicing more with my underwater camera.  I must admit that the clear waters here on a sunny day made the outing much more fun.

Here are just a few of my alternate universe finds:

This Trigger fish was about 8″ long, they are so colorful and can be quite curious about invaders to their domain.  

Saw a flash of this tiny, maybe 1″ fish bobbing around eating under a coral overhang. This Yellow Box fish has transparent lateral fins and a tiny tail that was tucked around to the side.  

I believe this is a Blue Spotted Puffer. Very beautiful they were swimming in pairs and feeding off the coral. 

We were camped out at one of the best snorkeling beaches in the shade of the palms. Getting a bit wiser, we planted ourselves near the outdoor shower so we could rinse all the salt water off. The water here is extremely salty, probably because it’s so warm.  I try hard not to get any in my eyes and hopefully its helping my boo boo, which isn’t healing very well. I think I’m going to have to stay out of the water for that to happen.  

A beautiful Sea Urchin hiding in the coral. The dappled sunlight through the water was spectacular today, everything was so fascinating and beautiful.

Featured photo and final photo are thanks to Pete Bowling.

This is a fish salad at Charlie’s, I was expecting something more modest and ended up taking most of the fish home.

John is off tonight to watch a Rugby game that Charlie from Aitutaki is playing in town.  Some of the boat hands and band members were from Aitutaki and some were from Rarotonga, so they will be playing against each other.  Here’s a silly picture of John wearing my sun hat.

The end of the day, not this day but a day in the past, that totally evokes the feeling of this special and perfect beach day. 

2 thoughts on “Day 29- Rarotonga, Cook Islands

    1. Thanks Carol! Wish I could have got a clearer picture of the little Yellow Boxfish. It was so cute and impossible looking, like something from Dr. Seuss.


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