Malealea, Day 49-This is the first time in 30 years that the Malealea Lodge has had to ration water. The water ranges from slightly off color to brown and it’s definitely not potable. It doesn’t make us feel very clean when showering and washing hair. Thank goodness Pete has been collecting water along the way. We have plenty for drinking and brushing teeth. The lodge has done the best they can while supporting the community and their Eco philosophy. They call it green and brown (for the water). Here is a sampling of lodge humor.


Our geyser needed fixing. The geyser is a wall mounted, propane fired, water heater that comes on when the hot water is turned on in the bathroom sink or shower.

imageEveryday has its chorus of birds, donkeys, cattle, and herders calling and chanting. It can be very windy and there was some much needed rain today. You can see the rainbow in this photo.

imageWe bought some nice locally made crafts, during our village tour. The new primary school is shown below. Lesotho only provides free education to grade 7. After that there are fees to be paid, ensuring that many children are not getting to attend secondary school.

imageThe featured photo is of the lodge bar where Peter doles out drinks and wifi vouchers.

Still under the weather and am suspecting something I ate in Ladybrand. Not a typical case of food poisoning, milder thank goodness.

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