Wine Country, Franschloek, Day 31-up early this morning to pack an go pick up our car. We accomplished all early, so decided to have a last breakfast at Euro Haus to say goodbye to PJ and staff. Christiaan and Trevor were there, as they were early also and killing time. We had a great visit at the restaurant and at the apartment. Lots of discussion on favorite places, dentist and routes. We absolutely love Cape Town!

Thought we were getting a SUV, but ended up with a sedan, so we could have a large trunk. Even with the large boot we could barely fit all our luggage. Pete drove like a champion for an hour to wine county, northeast of Cape Town. We are staying at Goodings Grove, a hobby farm with Olive trees, grape vines, figs and apricot trees.

This is a very affordable place to stay compared to most places in wine country. The owners are very pleasant and helpful. Pete asked about a tour of the property. There is no official tour and we were told that walking the property was welcome, but to stay on the paths. There are poisonous snakes, including Black Mambas and Cobras. We have decided that walking the estate isn’t something we needed to do. The Grove is 14 minutes out of Franschloek. We drove in to see all that the town has to offer, which includes art galleries, upscale clothing stores and restaurants.

I made reservations at Ryan’s Kitchen for dinner. We arrived at the restaurant at 7 pm and were the first customers; it doesn’t even open until 6:30 pm. This is a very highly rated place to eat. Pete’s Springbok was delicious. The starter fish in a bag was also very, very good, but I must say that the rest of the food didn’t compare to Chef’s Kitchen and it was much more expensive.

We had great views of the mountains while having dinner. When we got back to Goodings Grove we indulged in Hugeunot chocolates that we found in town from Belgium.

Fudge and Citrus marzipan.

Sunset (courtesy of Pete), Dutch church and Ryan’s Kitchen.

4 thoughts on “Franschloek-Saturday-3/5

  1. It is so fabulous to read about all your adventures, I am so thrilled you are having such a wonderful time. Hugs to you both!



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