Up to have an excellent breakfast at our B&B.  Sweeping views of the bay while enjoying our repast. We hopped in the car, which Pete was feeling better about driving, drove down the hill to the city center parking, then had a relaxing stroll through town.


There were many interesting historical plaques mounted, with fascinating information on the British WWII naval war effort in South Africa. The shipyards were built in Simon Town, the Naval personnel were trained and ships damaged in naval combat were repaired there.  Many of the people involved in the war efforts were Indian and African.


Here is a photo of the marina, as you can see there is a Military ship in the background.


Thought we would stop by and see if Pete would fIt in the Shark diving cage. I offered him a trip to get up close with the Great White sharks, but for some reason he doesn’t want to go. Look, he fits!


Up the coast we went through Kalk Bay and Muizenberg on our way back to Cape Town. Kalk Bay is a popular spot for Capetonians during the weekend as evidenced by the incredible traffic. It has attracted an artistic community due to its charming village atmosphere and natural beauty. There are also many antique shops and good restaurants to draw the crowds. Muizenberg (Mew zin berg) is a bit run down, but was a posh destination during the 1920’s. Agatha Christie vacationed here and loved to surf when ever she got the chance. These are the original changing cabanas that were built on the beach.  The featured photo is of a Saturday Babtisim that was taking place on the same beach.  Some of the most beautiful water, turquoise fading to deep blue.

imagePete did a great job of driving all the way through Cape Town to the car rental place. However, we did change our car reservation for the cross country drive to an automatic shift. It’s just too hard with a Manuel and trying to drive backwards. The steering wheel on the right,  the shift on the left and the turn signals on the right. I can’t tell you how many times the windshield wipers came on when Pete was changing lanes. It became a joke and very handy when we got some rain on Friday.

So, we are back in Cape Town for one more week. We have made a short list of things we want to do before we leave next Saturday. The Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden is a must see, then the slave house and we want to go back to Green Market Square.

We saw this after dropping off the car, while we were walking towards home looking for a cab. What in the are they doing here? A long way from home and lots of good local competition.


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