Cape Town-Monday-2/22

Day 18, Cape Town- This is going to be a short blog, because Pete kept me out way too late.

We went up to a block of restaurants on Bree Street, not far from the apartment. There are 9 or 10 little restaurants cheek to jowl in one block.  We had heard of this strip from PJ at Euro Haus and thought we’d give one of them a try for a late breakfast. Bacon was open and with a name like that, you know what the menu features. As a side they even have a bowl of bacon. I had the BLT and Pete had the English breakfast, of course with bacon.

In the afternoon we hopped on the bus for Camps Bay. It looked so inviting when seen from Table Mountain yesterday. Beautiful white sand, crescent beach, with upscale restaurants and bars across the ocean front road. A Strawberry margarita was the perfect drink to sip while taking in the local scene. This is an area of impressive homes. Most of the homes are behind walls, electrified at the top or with pointed metal strips. This isn’t uncommon in Cape Town too. Security is something everyone is very aware of here.  Including us! All the information on Camps Bay refers to it as a place the beautiful people frequent, meaning mostly white and wealthy. Finally, because we couldn’t spend the whole afternoon sitting around and drinking margaritas, no matter how good, we got on another bus to Hout Bay.


We got off the bus at the end of the line right on the bay. There we stumbled upon the Dune restaurant with views of the bay and surrounding hills. As we had worked up an appetite, we stopped in for dinner. Hout Bay is completely different than Camps Bay. This was an actual fishing village, that still is known for its crayfish. Also, it has a township that runs right down into the rather industrial town. There is still a small historical area and The World of Birds that we plan on visiting.

My dinner of Paella was delicious and the setting superb.

Then the bus home, which put us in after 11:30 pm. I’m off to bed.

Will let you know if we finally get to Robben Island tomorrow. We re-booked and will hope the wind cooperates this time.





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