Cape Town-Friday-2/19

Day 15, Cape Town- A cool and drizzling day when we awoke this morning. We lingered over coffee and discussed plans for post Cape Town. It will be about a 1000 miles from Cape Town to Durban on the east coast.


After researching, we have decided to stick to the southern route along the coast, with side trips to Addo Elephant Reserve, Mussel Bay and Port Elizabeth. We’ll head to Lesotho (a separate country, encapsulated by SA) from Durban, then to Kruger National Park. The itinerary will get fleshed out over the next two weeks.

Yesterday somewhere between V & A Waterfront and home, my Fitbit came off my waistband. So, we set off in a quest to find a new one, plus get some exercise. Headed down Long Street towards the harbor, then jogged over to Greenmarket Square.


The photo at the top was taken at the square and is of the booth where we found the little piece of art we like so much. Walking around the square we found a Africa mineral shop. Irresistible!



This shop has many minerals from Nambia as well as South Africa. The piece, second row from the bottom, on the left is Spirit Quartz or Cactus Amethyst and is only found in South Africa. It’s supposed to create harmony and alignment, for those into the workings of crystals.

Headed towards the train station to the underground mall. We have accidentally found a couple of these malls in our treks about town. All of the sudden the sidewalk disappears and there is a ramp leading down into a large, dark entry to the mall and pedestrian walkway. These malls follow under the sidewalks, streets and intersections. It’s possible to exit in 4 or more directions, across the street, sidewalk or the basement level of a store that rises up along the street.  Some of these malls have multiple underground levels. On a previous walk, we had seen some stores that are suppose to carry Fitbit. We struck out, but ran into some interestingly named fast food places while wandering the mall.

When we exited to street level, we were greeted by a torrential downpour. The day to that point had light rain, with intermittent sun. We were soaked and ran back to cover along with everyone else.

After the rain let up we walked to the Castle of Good Hope, where we ran into a distraught Englishman that had parked his car in a emergency vehicle spot. His car had been ‘booted’ by the police. A boot clamps the tire, so the car can’t be driven. For reasons we couldn’t understand, as he was hardly coherent, he didnt have any funds to pay the fine as his money was in the car??  Why couldn’t he unlock his car? And he was trying to find a tourist center to get help. Very angry…we pointed him to the V & A as requested. The impulse was to help him, but we just couldn’t figure out what was going on.

Started towards home we ran into a sad little flea market set up in a vacant lot. It was across the street from a magnificent building. This city has such startling contrasts between wealth and poverty. The poor are treated like they are invisible.

Speaking of contrasts, home in time for this beautiful sky. Photo courtesy of Pete.


2 thoughts on “Cape Town-Friday-2/19

  1. Maxine, I love your daily blogs.. So interesting and the pictures are great.. This is turning out to be a wonderful trip isn’t it? One to remember for a lifetime. All is well here as we slosh around in the rain.. Record breaking month already.. We love you guys and miss you very much.. Mary


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