South Africa Adventure

We have always loved independent travel or exploring with a few good friends and family.

‘This trip is our biggest adventure yet….South Africa! We have spent months planning the trip. We’ve decided on a Cape Town apartment for the first month and then free travel, with no reservations, throughout South Africa until the end of March. Being a bit long in the tooth, this prospect has created some anxiety. But, it’s now or never, so here we go!

Flew out of Portland while watching an incredible sunrise.  I’ll take that as a good sign for the trip.  In fact I’ll take any good sign, as the lead up to departure was fraught with disaster.  The person covering Pete’s work cancelled with only a week to D day, I was rear ended and we had a kid in the hospital, emergency of course.  Thank goodness he is OK!
Some would say we weren’t meant to take this trip, but we hashed it over and decided to go ahead.

So, one leg completed and we are sitting in the sun enjoying the small, beautiful Long Beach Airport.

Lunching in Long Beach.  Got to love an airport with a wine bar!

Oh my, is that Pete with a beer? Is it noon? Yes, it is!


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