A Slice of Lyon, Then on to Meursault

May 18, 2019

We both had a little sleep-in this morning and barely made it to breakfast in time. After replenishing ourselves we checked out of the hotel, left our bags and started out to the Musée du Cinéma et de la Miniature behind the Palace of Justice.

But on the way we ran into a market! We always have to check out a market.

Endive growing in a little pot. And here are the lettuces we can’t get enough of in salads. They cut the entire heads and sell them, it keeps the greens so fresh.

We found the fresh fish stand to be pretty interesting. These fry are tiny, about 2 to 3 inches long. They must be deep fried and eaten like french fries.

OK, just one more food photo.

We finally made it over the pedestrian bridge after our market detour. The statue near the bridge is called ‘The Weight of Me’.

Suzanne and I both have a fascination with miniatures, so with our limited time in Lyon this museum is the one we decided to visit. Just to give you an idea of scale this is one of the rooms with little viewing portals of the miniature scenes. All of the scenes in this room were created by Dan Ohlmann who got into making miniatures of stage sets he had created for theater and opera.

Le Maxim’s in Paris above and the Museum of Natural History below.

Each of these scenes takes between 6 to 12 months to create. There are many other miniaturists, like this partial scene from Ronan-Jim Sevellec and Francoise Andres.

The museum also had many costumes and props from current and old films. These of course were full sized.

These are two of the sets from the movie ‘The Perfume’ which was shot in Munich.

One of my favorites, a worm from Men in Black.

There was an great lion sculpture next to the museum that you can see in the featured photo.

We stopped for lunch, meandered a bit looking at all the shops and then headed back to the hotel to pick up our luggage. There seemed to be a lot of people on the streets and bands playing in the parks and plazas, it was obvious something was up.

We made it through the throngs to the parking structure access that was down a steep flight of stairs. Suzanne lucked out and a nice man carried her bag down. It was over 40 euros for our day plus a few hours of parking in Lyon. We had Babette programmed and headed out of the garage to find that the police had closed the road we needed to take. So it was a very roundabout trip to Meursault, where we have rented a house for a week.

We found our house but couldn’t get in the gate, which was supposed to be unlocked. Pete had seen Christina and John come into work at Willamette Travel, we were texting at the time, so he went for help. For some reason our Verizon International plan wouldn’t let us call the local person listed in our information, we could only call the USA. Christina called the owner in England and we got the whole thing straightened out. The gate wasn’t locked, but you had to reach through and pull up on a lever that was invisible from the outside, who knew?

So that’s the end of todays saga….Au revoir!

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