E.Leclerc in Carpentras

May 14, 2019

Rather worn out by yesterdays adventure to Avignon we decided to take is a bit easier today. So after pursuing the options and being down to our last 3 cookies, we decided E.Leclerc in Carpentras looked like a shopping opportunity and a interesting bit of modern France…..a shopping mall with a large store similar to Fred Meyer at home, but way more interesting. I have never seen a deli, bread or pastry departments like these. So delicious looking, it was hard not to buy some of everything to sample.

Below is a packaged cake with fruit on top. The confections above were in the bakery case.

Here is one of the large pans of seafood paella I mentioned at the market on Sunday, as you can see it’s a big hit.

Fresh shrimp salad below. The platter below with the olives on top looked like some sort of Dagwood sandwich.

So it went on and on, we managed to make it out with about 2/3rd of a bag of groceries, including two packages of cookies to keep our strength up.

On the drive home we stopped to snap the poppies, but between dodging cars and the blowing wind the photo didn’t come out the best.

Once we got the car into a parking spot, we decided to make sure we hadn’t missed any parts of Venasque, plus we wanted to check out a little spot we’d seen on the way into town with a fruit sign out front.

Love the house above with the raven sculptures on the window sills. Had me fooled for a moment.

The little stand below is what we found behind the fruit sign and through a gate. There is a factory that makes fresh fruit juice, syrups and jam from local orchards. They also had fresh local cherries, so we snapped up a small box.

Since we were down the hill and in the area we thought we’d look at the church in the featured photo. It wasn’t open so we walked back up to our place for lunch.

Back home we made a lunch of a huge heirloom tomato on freshly baked Brioche, grilled onions, olives and of course cherries.

I had been seduced by a box of what looked like brownies at the store. They were great and went well with the cherries.

A nice walk up hill past the ramparts after lunch topped off the afternoon in Venasque.

There is a wonderful view from the top of the village of the escarpment that draws rock climbers to the area.

Au revoir! Until tomorrow’s adventure.

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