Sunday Market in Isle-sur-la-Sorgue

May 12, 2019

Up and in our Citroen chariot to Isle-sur-la-Sorgue by 8:40 am. We have named our GPS, Babette. She has a very nice voice, not like my old Garmin, Miss Bossy Britches, that sounded very snide everytime she had to recalculate.

I wanted to get to the market early, so we could find parking. We know this market is one of the larger in the area and draws people from all over the Provence area. The photo below is of the Sorgue river that meanders through the town. If you enlarge the photo, you can see an old wooden water wheel on the right, behind the ducks.

The market has antiques, furniture, decor, hardware, clothing, linens, fresh produce and fruits, sausages and salami, rotisserie chicken, vats of paella, clothing, soaps and lavender everything. It just goes on and on…..

We had to sit and replenish ourselves after much diligent shopping. Afraid of starving today and tomorrow when many of the stores and shops are closed, we bought a huge heirloom tomato, fingerling potatoes, onions, tapanades (olive, tomato & eggplant), olives, more olives, asparagus, bananas, melon, bread and rotisserie chicken legs. I think we’ll survive the next few days.

While we were sitting a very cute dog was being walked while it’s human shopped.

Deciding to walk through the town, just to see what it is like, we popped into this Bakery for a Baguette. These Meringues were calling to me, but the temptation was fought off.

The bakery is on the church plaza, La Collegiale Notre Dame des Anges a baroque cathedral built in 1222 and renovated in the 17th century.

Expand to check out the great gargoyles in the photo below.

Found some lovely shops on our walk through town. We didn’t stay too long, as the area was becoming very crowded and the mistral was blowing about 33 miles/hour. Vendors were having to hold down their awnings and wares as sudden huge gusts of wind blew through.

I found some adorable handmade baby hats for my grand nieces in a little shop. The lady was working away on her old school sewing machine using charming French print fabrics.

We staggered to the car with our many bags of purchases.

Babette decided we needed to take a different route back to Venasque. So off we went down little narrow country roads, with the car wildly beeping at me every time I got close to the verge to let a car by from the other direction. It was a lovely drive with plenty of scenery.

Back to our little village and the walk to our temporary home.

Au revoir, until tomorrow!

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