Gone Fishing……

May 11, 2019

We have had a total layabout today, both being tired from all the traveling and sightseeing. We did manage to make it to the little grocery store for more water, they are closed tomorrow, Sunday. While we were there we were enticed by beautiful strawberries. We all know what those are like, gorgeous looking, but with little strawberry flavor. These strawberries are some of the best I’ve ever tasted.

Last night we went to La Fontaine a restaurant next to the fountain, hence the original name. They have a fixed price three course meal for vegetarians that we both ordered.

Above is an asparagus mousse with fresh greens. The menu description of a vegetable plate didn’t do justice to this fabulous main. A mini soufflé of carrot and nutmeg, white asparagus and sauce, potatoes au gratin, puréed carrots and ratatouille, absolutely delicious.

We got to pick our dessert. I went for the chocolate mousse and Suzanne had Pavlova, strawberries and whipped cream on meringue.

Our table overlooked the fountain.

As you can see there isn’t much action in the village in the evening. The house was so quiet last night, no barking dogs, cars or people, there was no noise at all. It was so strange that I kept waking up all night, but then would go back to sleep.

Pretty much all we’ve done today is read, do laundry and eat. Brioche bread with local blackberry jam, a banana and espresso for breakfast. Tomato sandwiches for lunch with a few cookies and more expresso.

Tonight’s dinner at The Ramparts was a four course fixed price dinner. The first course pictured below was a pesto and tomato terrine. It was delicious. The second course of mushroom ravioli was swimming in cream sauce and cheese, we skipped the third cheese course and my dessert was again mostly cream. It all tastes good, but unfortunately my tummy doesn’t agree. We will be go back to the first restaurant, where the food isn’t as rich and the noise level is much lower. Tomorrow and Monday we can cook some simple food here.

Tomorrow the plan is to attend the big Sunday market in Isle-sur-la-Sorgue. Most stores and many restaurants are closed on Sunday’s and Monday’s, so we will stock up on food and wine to get us through.

Au Revoir!

4 thoughts on “Gone Fishing……

  1. Yum, yum and yum. My what beautiful food, such gastronomic adventures you have had.
    Glad you got to rest, too, and let your tummies settle. Tums anyone?


    1. We have been eating pretty well. Excepting a couple nights food has landed well.
      Vegetarian seems to be a lot simpler in France. Although since we are here I’ve tried a couple slices of salami and some foie gras.


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