Oh My…Santa Margherita Ligure

May 3, 2019

We survived the Milano Centrale Train Station, found the right level for our train platform and managed to heft our bulging luggage on board. I hope this is a lesson learned about packing and train travel, less is better.

The trains are to the left and there are at least two floors of platforms, not sure how that works. We shared space on the train with a friendly couple from Charleston, South Carolina. They were on their way to the Cinque Terre, just down the coast.

After a two hour plus ride we pulled into Santa Margherita. I have been here before and it’s one of my favorite places that I’ve visited so far. Our hotel is beautiful and the featured photo is from our window. The sun came out, so we ditched our bags in the room and took off to see a bit of the town. It was already 3 pm and we wanted to enjoy the good weather while we lasted.

The light near the water was very strange today and the photos look like the colors are saturated. Other photos taken in streets back from the water do not have this intensity of color and light.

The buildings are very colorful and all the architectural detail on the facades is faux. It is painted on and very realistic. The balconies and shutters of course are real.

Passed this carousel on our way through a small park that looked like it is set up for concerts and performances of some sort.

Out on the pier we noticed two unusual spires in town, so we wandered into the back streets, where there were few tourists, looking for the spires. We discovered a street lined with Orange trees loaded with fruit.

After looking in several streets, we gave it up and started back to the hotel. It became apparent that we had walked much further than intended. We passed this fish market on the way back. There is a large open area where the fishermen sell their daily catch.

By the time we got back it was after 5 pm and we decided to check out the hotel bar. Suzanne took this great photo of our view while enjoying our beverages and nibbles.

After freshening up a bit, it was time to find a dinner spot. The hotel is out a way from the main part of town. We had walked by a nice looking place fairly close to the hotel and decided to go back for dinner.

I had a pesto dish and Suzanne had a seafood pasta, both were delicious. The restaurant is attractive on the outside, but the inside was beyond charming. Suzanne took this photo that captures the restaurant perfectly. Our hostess had never met a stranger, she was one of those larger than life people that envelope you in warmth. Perfetto!

4 thoughts on “Oh My…Santa Margherita Ligure

    1. The train station is daunting, but we got help from a couple of people. The problem is they only post the platform numbers about 20 minutes before the train starts boarding, so you need to be at least in the general vicinity. Plus the trains don’t stick around for long. Although the Milan train did wait about 15 minutes.


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