Days 48 & 49- Tahiti-iti, French Polynesia 

February 28, 2018

We were here on the mountain without a car. We had no idea that we would be so secluded with lots of surfers, plus a surfer photographer and his family. There are some other people here too, but the majority seem to be here for the waves. 

This is our last full day of vacation and we are ready to head home. Unbelievably this is the first island where we’ve had the weather and direction to record the beautiful tropical sunsets.

John left for his midnight flight to LA at 3:30pm, with hugs and fond goodbyes all around.  

Took advantage of our patio spa today. Feeling very good after three sessions sitting in front of the jets. 

March 1, 2018
Got permission to stay in our room until our transfer shows up at 3:30pm. We have the same flight as John, just a day later. Both of us are looking forward to getting back in town to have dinner at Ocean’s Chinese restaurant. It will be our third time there to enjoy the fresh vegetables and excellent cooking.  Hoping we can leave or check our luggage at the airport before walking to the restaurant. 

This is the last blog of the trip. I’m adding several random trip photos that I haven’t published before. Thank you for following along and for your many comments.

The ceiling in our room at Vanira Lodge, made out of found beach coral and wood.  

A Paraha fish cooked to perfection in ginger and garlic, we got two meals out of it, absolutely delicious.  

Another of the Robinson Crusoe cabins at the Vanira Lodge.  

Our two bedroom cabin’s open air spa, shower and sink. Fortunately the water closet is enclosed.  

A better photo of the Aranui 5 showing the crane, containers, and passenger cabins.  The cruise is $100/person/day with brief stops in various ports throughout French Polynesia. We noticed that they always anchor out at the mouth of the bay for the night before leaving to the next port. 

Le petite chat from our party night at the Pearl Lodge, Hiva Oa. Mom was hardly bigger and appeared to only have one kitten.  Marketa and I shared some of our dinner with her, so she could nurse her little offspring.

From the plane, Hiva Oa to the right and Tahuata on the left. 
The featured photo is of a Marquesas cannibal, from the collection of famous Belgian singer/actor Jacques Brel.  Brel sailed to the Marquesas with his daughter in 1970’s when he found that he was dying of lung cancer.  He is buried on Hiva Oa in the same cemetery as Gauguin.