Day 12- Clifton Beach & Palm Cove, Australia

January 24, 2018

Determined to get a bus to Palm Cove, we were up early, breakfasted and off to the nearest approximation of a bus stop. Sure enough here it came, we were positioned across the street from a bus stop for the other direction.  We waved our arms at the bus as instructed by Jane in reception. The bus driver slowed down, but kept going slowly by, we waved more vigorously, he slowed some more but continued on, finally I was waving both arms over my head and he stopped.  The driver informed us that we were standing in the right place, but that we weren’t waving enough.  Next time we will jump up and down along with the waving.

It was a short, maybe 15 minute ride up the coast to Palm Cove, a lovely oceanside vacation area filled with shops, restaurants, sand and esplanade.

Couldn’t resist this shot of Pete’s Place, with a reluctant Pete posing in front, see the big smile.

After strolling down the esplanade a bit, we decided to stop for a refreshing drink at Coffee Haven.  I ordered ice tea and Pete ordered an iced Mocha coffee.  We laughed when Pete’s order came; is that a milkshake or a Mocha? I’m feeling so virtuous; poor Pete, don’t think we can walk enough to burn those calories off.

Having cooled off, we headed further north towards the swim area.  The ocean front park is loaded with amenities; esplanade, BBQ picnic shelters, outdoor showers, restrooms, dock, and kayak/fish equipment rentals.  Everyone swims in the netted area due to Crocs and Stingers.

Continuing north we came to the dock, where tour boats make day trips to the local islands.  The locals however make different use of it, with well organized fishing gear, coolers, bait nets and chairs, all wheeled out in clever little trolleys.  People were fishing with multiple poles and the nice gentleman below caught 5 small sharks yesterday and was looking forward to deep fried shark dinner.

While he was getting set up, his wife was netting bait fish from under the dock.  The fish identification station below let the anglers know which fish, how many and what size they could keep.  There were no limits on many fish. Pete and I watched with fishing envy, dreaming of catching fish and fresh fish dinner.

We noticed that it was cooling off from the earlier 86 F, with cloud cover rolling in from the ocean. It was a beautiful walk back down the strip, with lush landscaping everywhere.

I was beginning to feel a bit peckish, so as we strolled along we looked over the posted restaurant menus along the sidewalk. Finally towards the end of the strip we found Jack and Shanan’s with a menu that looked just right.  We were not disappointed, the food was delicious. Thai salad with prawns (no they aren’t burnt, but have a very yummy black breading), natural oysters and bruschetta. All served by the engaging, Mary, who somehow found her way here from France.

After lunch it was Monsoon time.  The wind picked up and the sprinkle turned into a downpour.  It was a wet wait for the bus.  We waited across from where the driver dropped off a rider on the way into town.  Of course we waved madly when we saw him coming, and for some reason he threw his hands up into the air, but he stopped.

2 thoughts on “Day 12- Clifton Beach & Palm Cove, Australia

  1. Very nice having you at the restaurant! Enjoy your holidays and hope to see you again! 🙂
    Ps: good blog and nice pictures!!


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