Day 10- Clifton Beach, Australia 

January 22, 2018

Today is a day off for relaxation and grocery shopping.  We took a beautiful walk along the ocean to the Clifton Village Shopping Centre. It’s about 2.4 miles round trip, so not too much exertion other than hauling grocery bags. As you can see the weather has been overcast with few sun breaks. It’s still 80 degrees and there are no complaints about not having to slather myself with sunscreen.  

What did I tell you? Sand and palm trees, you haven’t seen the last of them.

The center was a very different layout, similar to some in South Africa, with shops and restaurants on the outside breezeway, large grocery store inside with separate local fruit/vegetable store, bakery, Thai food stand and butcher.  Last is the Target store, which I was startled to see in this small village.

Geesh seeing the Dental sign is almost like bad juju….


We picked this area of Australia because Christina, at Willamette Travel, recommended we see the Great Barrier Reef while we where traveling around the South Pacific. We readily agreed it would be a good addition to the trip. So, as soon as we catch our breath and get some sunny skies, we will book a trip out to snorkle along the reef.  

Pete is dying to ocean swim and it’s right across the street.  There is a swim area protected with shark safety nets not far away. It’s not a great idea to just jump in the ocean, even through the possibility of meeting sharks, salt water crocs or box jelly fish is very slim. The organized tours keep an eye out for these animals out at the reef and are very safety conscious.  

I case your curious here are some photos of the apartment and complex:

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