India, February 13, 2017

Days 1 & 2, Portland to Seattle, Seattle to Tokyo, Tokyo to Delhi

Suzanne and I met up at the Alaska Counter at 6:45 am.  The goal was to try and check our bags through to Delhi on a non-partner airline.  I went through check in and baggage first as I got there early.  After much confusion (my error) and great customer service from Alaska, I was able to check my bag through.  Of course Suzanne sailed through without a hitch.  Then through security, followed by coffee…good grief, never sleep well the night before a big trip.  Don’t think Suzanne slept much either.  We spent the rest of the day catching cat naps whenever possible.


We flew ANA, Nippon Air from Seattle to Tokyo and on to Delhi. One of our adorable cabin attendants in her pink cherry blossom outfit.  The Japanese crew was so attentive, kind and polite.


After months of planning, boring our friends and family silly, Suzanne and I toast to take off!

It was getting dark fast when we took off in Tokyo. Couldn’t resist a photo of this very unusual ANA jet.


So sad that it was dark when we flew over China and looped around Mt. Everest.

We finally landed in Dehli at 11:30 pm.  Had already slept through the night on the way with the 13 hour time difference.  We fly again tomorrow, so will try to sleep again tonight. The minute we got off the plane, I could smell the thicker air and undertones that are part of the sensory experience of India.


5 thoughts on “India, February 13, 2017

  1. So happy you got off to a smooth start! I guess some sleep deprivation is to be expected, but I hope you’ll adjust quickly to the new time zone(s). It’s all so exciting! I’ll be following on my map and looking forward to the blogs.

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  2. I love seeing you together as you begin this wonderful adventure!! I so wish I was there! Fabulous photos, and I’m toasting to you in Cincinnati!👍 Hugs, L

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  3. So glad you got off to a good start. We were talking about you during the break at TaiChi class, wondering if you had started or not. Look forward to reading about your adventures!

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