Ermelo/Hazyview, Day 52- As we headed north out of Ermelo towards the Mpumalanga (“the place where the sun rises”) Province the land seemed to get richer and richer. The Drakensberg mountains to the west create the highveld. Further east and north is the the lowveld. Driving through the Free State and Mpumalanga Province feels like driving through the bread basket or maize basket of South Africa. There are tree plantations, fruit orchards, banana orchards, macadamia nut orchards, maize, sunflowers and dry beans.


Once we got to Hazyview there was no problem finding our abode for the night at Hippo Hollow.

imageAlthough you can’t see me, I’m sitting under the middle umbrella. While we were having lunch a line of elephants where walking up the hillside across the river, with tourists on their backs. After the short rides they were set loose to forge and enjoy the day.

imageThe river in front of the lodge restaurant is a favorite spot for Hippos. We are keeping our fingers crossed that they show before we have to leave in the morning.

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