East London-Tuesday-3/15

Addo Elephant National Park/East London, Day 41- We took the early morning safari with Jonathan. That meant being up at 5 am to leave at 6 am with the sun just barely peeking over the horizon. It was cold, we had on winter gloves and 3 layers with a blanket provided by the lodge. Our safari companions, Phil and Jane from Manchester, England, kindly switched places with us, so we could have a turn being in front.  This allowed us to act as wind breaks….brrrrr!


Wish I could send you a little packet of of the fragrant smell of the bush in the morning. The dew accentuates the smell, sort of sage, with a bit of floral, sharp and clean. Very heady…. There was floating mist in the valleys, as can be seen the the featured photo of an old farm.


We had a wonderful trip out, seeing two young male Hartebeest, play fighting. Jonathan found Giraffes, Cape Buffalo, Velvet Monkeys and a Wildebeest.

We regretfully checked out and started driving east on dirt roads, completing our morning with a Pete safari. We saw a Warthog, more Velvet monkeys, Kudu, Springboks, Steenboks and Wildebeest.

We passed through two little charming towns , Paterson and Bathurst. Bathurst looked like a small artists colony, but in actuality is a famous Eastern Cape drinking town. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to stop, as time and gas were running short. GOG for Good Old Grahamstown is a well preserved settlers city of 50,217 with Rhodes University. Pete said, “they are all Rhodes scholars”. The gas gauge was redlining, so finding a city with gas stations was especially exciting. The beautiful Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian architecture is a treat, but the history is bloody with Grahamstown being the site of a fierce frontier battle between the Xhosa and European settlers.

We finally arrived in East London of population 267,000. It’s a good size city where we are definitely in the racial minority. We feel like we are experiencing a older version of Africa the further east we travel.

An aside, on our travels in the eastern cape over the last few days we have been seeing a fair number of familiar wind turbines. Vestas is doing well in South Africa.


2 thoughts on “East London-Tuesday-3/15

    1. We are having a marvelous time. The areas we are traveling in are going to get more rugged and impoverished. We are moving into old Africa. Can’t wait! Miss you and the class. Sitting in the car everyday is making me feel so unfit.


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