Knysna/Plettenberg, Day 39-A very short drive to Plettenberg, all of 40 km, in the rain….again. OK, I know it’s probably raining most days in Portland and honestly I’m not whining. We just adjusted our day to mostly indoor activities, like shopping. We went to the mall to find an ATM and do some shopping, then Old Nicks Village, a rambling 19th century farm complex to see the old looms and do more shopping…

All the car washes were closed, because of the rain. So, hoping for success tomorrow. Ever optimistic….

The featured photo is of our room at The Grand Hotel. Note the stool to get into the bed. The mattress has to be 4′ off the floor. Really, really hope we don’t fall out of bed; it could result in serious injury! The hotel has killer views of the coast and is a deal compared to most of the accommodations in town.  So what if it looks like it’s a couple of hundred years old, very shabby chic.image

We walked out for a light dinner. Pete wanted to go down to the beach. He’s been doing such a great job driving, except for a little blooper yesterday when he turned into the right lane. There were a couple cars facing us and I was….WHAT ARE YOU DOING? First time since we’ve left Cape Town. Poor guy, it takes such concentration to drive in reverse.

Beautiful flowers everywhere we went today.

We passed by St. Peter’s Anglican Church built in the 1770’s. The East India Company established Plettenberg was a big timber harvesting area.


Tomorrow we are going to Addo Elephant Reserve. Can’t wait to see more animals.

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