Knysna, Day 38- Glorious sunny day at Blackwaters River Lodge. Sprung for a massage in the morning, my body was beginning to feel like someone had beaten me with a stick. This was my fault for going off my diet and eating too much dairy. Back on the straight and narrow for me!

We drove into Knysna and right for the car wash. It was puzzling and disappointing to find that they closed at noon, tomorrow then.  Explored town , discovered by the Dutch in 1760, until our 3 pm lagoon cruise. The little 1 1/2 hour cruise included a trip out to the Heads, in the featured photo, wild oysters and wine. When the English discovered this treacherous harbor entry into Knysna lagoon, they proclaimed it the most hazardous in the world. Many ships have met their end trying to navigate this rock strewn entry. Oysters are farmed in the lagoon, but the December red tide killed most of them and the rest of the sea life in the lagoon, which has made an amazing comeback.

imageFish on! The little boy was so excited and wanted to reel it in.  The fish was too much for him and dad had to take over. It turned out to be a shark and in the end they had to cut the line. From what I’ve been told, it takes just a few days for a hook to dissolve or be shaken out. Checked this factoid on line, there is some disagreement, but a study with Pike in fresh water seems to bear out the information I was given.

imageGoing to have another go at the car wash, then off to Plettenberg today.

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