Malgas/Knysna, Day 37- Woke up this morning to rain, rain and more rain. Saw a couple small cockroaches last night, they evidently live in the thatching on the roof. The thatching is so attractive, but I was wondering about bugs, now I know. The grounds are perfectly manicured, with an especially beautiful rock cliff on one end of the property. We were warned about watching out for snakes, Cobra, Puff Adder and Boomslang. All these snakes are poisonous, with the Cobra being the most aggressive. Makes me glad they couldn’t climb up the open staircase to our room. The manager saw two snakes yesterday, including a Cobra in his office.  From left clockwise, the Puff Adder, Boomslang and Cobra.

The road out of Tides River Lodge was spotted with pothole lakes. Our little VW Polo looks like we were 4-wheel driving off road. We are going to have to find a car wash tomorrow, opening the mud coated trunk is not a pleasant experience.

Today has been a travel day, once we hit R2, the main east/west freeway along the Garden Route, 100 to 120 kmh allowed us to make good time. We are staying at the Blackwaters River Lodge, just west of Knysna about 10 km.

The facilities include an executive golf course along the river, restaurant (left & top right photos), reception (lower right), spa, pool and several lodge buildings with rooms. I’m sitting in a lounge, the only place with decent wifi. Couldn’t even open photos yesterday, so I’m late in publishing. The river water is truly black even from a short distance. They filter on the premises, so that we can drink and bath in the river water. It was the same at Tides River Lodge, but their water was only filtered once, not safe to drink and yellow in appearance.

imageSuppose to get to the high 80’s F today. We are off to Knysna to find that car wash and take a boat tour of the lagoon. Hopefully there will be wifi tonight.

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