Gordon’s Bay/Struisbaai, Day 35-What a day! Up for the best included breakfast yet at Gordon’s Bay Lodge. Pete was in heaven with French toast and maple syrup. I had a delicious omelette. Fortified we headed east on the coastal route towards Betty’s Bay. We had to see this little seaside village, because it’s where Laura and Glenn are thinking of moving to start a little restaurant. She has found someone that can run her school and she’s thinking about taking some time for herself.

The honor bar with Elvis keeping watch and flowers outside our room at Gordon’s Bay Lodge.

imageWhite sugar sand at Betty’s Bay beach. We could see why Laura and Glenn are so taken with this place.

Onward to Gansbaai, where we took some back streets through town. We found a place to stop for something to drink and a view of the working harbor.

Just an FYI, some drivers in South Africa drive incredibly fast, way, way over the speed limit. They pass in no passing zones, on hills and curves. Pete had read somewhere that drivers here are really annoyed with speeders, Ha….! And the speed limits are 60 to 65 mph on two lane roads.

After leaving Gansbaai, we took what looked on the map like a developed road, but ended up on dirt and gravel.

imageThis is farm country, sheep and cattle with a sprinkling of vineyards. We had a few fun animal sightings.

The little antelope on the left, is a Steenbok, is maybe 3 to 4′ tall. The antelope upper right is a Springbok, much larger. Both paid attention when the car slowed down, then started running the minute the doors opened. I can understand why the Springboks were so nervous, since they are a favorite game meat. We saw the Ostrich, lower right with her two young chicks.

After an hour of driving on dirt roads, we were happy to finally hit pavement again. Unfortunately it only lasted about half a mile, then it was back to dirt. Well, we said we wanted to get away from the crowds! Looking a the gps, there were 2 lakes we would pass on our way to Struisbaai. When we approached the first lake our jaws dropped open at the sight of hundreds of Flamingos. They were a far distance off the road, but what a racket they were making.


Finally made it to Struisbaai about 5 pm. We are staying at the Oceanview Guesthouse, not far from Cape Agulhas the southern most point in Africa. We will be visting there tomorrow, along with De Hoop National Reserve to see the Cape Zebra. The featured photo is of the little beach shack restaurant were we had dinner tonight.

imageAfrica’s big sky….near Robertson.

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