Gordon’s Bay-Tuesday-3/8

Robertson/Gordon’s Bay, Day 34- The owner-managers of De Oude Opstal, Henk and Mardi Botha were delightful, we had enjoyable conversations regarding Robertson wine farms and the world’s problems. As to the latter, no solutions were found. Mardi’s father has collected canes from around the world and they figure prominently in the reception area.


One of the subjects covered with Henk was political correctness and how over the top it’s become. The featured photo is of Henk. Henk is African, his family has been in Africa for 8 generations, for him, African isn’t black or white. So it calls into question, what is African American?  To us in the US it’s about colour, to an African not necessarily. We hated to leave our wonderful accommodations and the care lavished on us by the Botha’s, but it was time to go. We have to make it to Kruger National Park on the other side of the country by 3/27.

Besides De Oude Opstal, another gem in Robertson is the Robertson Art Gallery. It draws clients from all over South Africa. We had noticed two special paintings in De Oude Opstal, now we know where they were purchased.

These paintings were some of our favorites. The figurative paintings are by a Black African, Makiwa Mutomba who is extremely successful. He has taken many awards for his work throughout Europe. The landscape painting is by Carla Bosch a South Africa that is now residing in Laguna Beach area. She is still painting South African scenes and shipping them home for exhibit and sale. She has won awards in South Africa and California.

Pete drove south out of Robertson to a winery, Viljoensdrift, that offers a boat trip down the Breede river, a picnic lunch and of course wine. It was absolutely beautiful!

Onward down the road to Gordon’s Bay where we are staying in the honeymoon suite at Gordon’s Bay Lodge, because it’s all that was left. Got to stretch our legs walking to the the Thirsty Oyster, where we had a light meal. Then back to blog with very bad wifi. So, that’s all for the night…



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