Franschoek/Robertson, Day 33-If anyone had told me we would be driving through South Africa two years ago, I would have thought it a good joke. Well here we are, doing our best to get off the beaten tourist track.

The featured photo is goodbye to the Franschoek Valley. Had a wonderful stay at Goodings Groves, fabulous place. Susan filled me in on the employment laws this morning; 125/day Rand minimum wage, time & a third or half after 9 hours and two days off a week. It’s very confusing because different people give you different information. Sometimes it’s the same people giving different information. I think that some of the employers adhere to the laws and some don’t, and there isn’t much enforcement. When Susan and her husband John took over the running of the Groves, she was insistent of fair treatment of employees. She had been involved in community development for many years and saw the benefits for everyone involved when employees were treated fairly. She told the owners, the Goodings, that in order to make money on their Franschoek property that they had to live righteously, which meant treating the workers fairly. The place has been profitable since John and Susan have taken over management and the workers seem content with little turnover.


Last night we decided to head north to Robertson, which is still wine country, but more of a working class town. They have tourists, but not nearly as many as wine areas closer to Cape Town. Other than getting away from the hoards of tourists, we were motivated by the scenic potential of the drive through the Haweqwas mountain passes.


This is baboon country, but unfortunately we didn’t see any. Although it doesn’t show in the photo, there is a stream running through this gorge. Have never seen so many shades of green!

Found a room in De Oude Opstal a wonderful old Dutch B&B, the oldest house in Robinson. Our room is the top right, with Langeberg mountain views.

Some rain on the way into town. It’s much cooler at 65 degrees F. We were surprised to see the first ‘rest areas’ of the trip.


Yup, that’s it….table, benches and garbage can. Sometimes there are several tables and garbage cans, but no restrooms.

The restauant tonight is owned by a woman from Oregon unfortunately tonight was her day off.



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  1. Thank you jetjunkies. Looking forward every day to your marvelous blog eases the pain of saying goodbye to Downton abbey.


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