Cape Town-Friday-3/4o

Day 30, Cape Town- Last night we enjoyed one of the best burgers ever at Boston. The band consisted of two people instead of one. Had to smile about that! They were wedged into the area in front if the restrooms, which meant patrons had to wait for breaks to get to the facilities. You can get just a partial peek of Eric to the right in the white Tee shirt. He was so happy we came to give him an unqualified American opinion of his burgers. Have to say they were outstanding. Brioche buns with hand made, free range, organic beef patties….super yummy.


What we forgot was First Thursday. Imagine Portland’s First Thursday, then multiply it by three. The crowds were unbelievable and everything stayed open late. Shops, art galleries, food trucks & stands, architectural firms, you name it. There usually aren’t food trucks or stands in downtown Cape Town. They only show up for First Thursday. This is the line waiting to get into a place called Arcade.


Today was our last full day in Cape Town. I was successful in getting an appointment for a hair cut & color ( omg, yes I color, who would think it?) at Sword and Fern. Nice salon that really knows how to pamper a girl. Got a purplish Mani-Pedi after some convincing that it would look good. Pete walked me to my appointment and ran errands. I still wasn’t done, so he had to go to round the corner to the local pub and have a couple of beers, poor guy…

The hair stylist told me about a fish and chip place, so we tried it out for a late lunch. This is the first bad meal we’ve had. I mean practically inedible. The fish was Snoek, a local fish that looks something about a Barracuda. Very bony, with a good favor. The fish is related to the mackerel. Picked off the greasy coating and ate the fish. Also it was the only place where we were ripped off on our change.  I apologized to Pete, we threw everything in the garbage and headed home.

Thought I’d add a few random photos of Cape Town as a final Adieu.

Saint George’s cathedral is the only church I’ve ever seen with a bar and jazz club in the crypt.

The featured photo is one of several mosaic park benches we saw on our way to dinner one night.


Spent the rest of the day packing. We are picking up the car at 10 am and hoping we can get everything in the trunk. Some of the areas we will be driving through it’s recommended to have an SUV for higher clearance. So, we went with one that has the covered luggage compartment. We really need to be able to keep everything out of sight. Smash and grab isn’t unusual.

Here’s a great example of old Dutch architecture that we saw on one of our walks.


One last skyline photo to remember Cape Town. Such a beautiful city. Everywhere you look there is a gorgeous vista.



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