Cape Town-Tuesday-2/9

Poor Pete, thank goodness he’s feeling better, because today I’m chomping at the bit to get out and DO things.

So excited, Pete was gracious enough to accompany me to the South African National Gallery. The gallery features contemporary South African artists and opened in 1931. Much of the art in the 1980’s & 90’s wasn’t art for arts sake, but visual protests of Apartheid. The main exhibit at this time is of an African artist, Moses Tladi. He was the only African allowed to exibit when the National Gallery opened. Africans that were talented artists of that time were not allowed to study art, as the  attitude of the time was that study would ruin their natural talent.  If any of you have interest in more information on Tladi, I can send his bio.

Some of my other favorites.

After the National Gallery we walked to Greenmarket Square, where local African art, clothing, fabrics and assorted alluring tourist goodies are offered. OK, we bought a small collage painting of one of the local townships that we both love.

On the way to the square, we swung by St. Georges Cathedral where Nobel Laureate Desmond Tutu symbolically hammered on the doors, September 7, 1986 demanding to be made South Africa’s first black archbishop.

Oh, and we passed this Mercedes answer to the smart car during our travels.


Feeling pretty cocky at this point, we decided to attempt the city bus system. Took a baby step in a straight shot to the V & A Waterfront. We made it…Yay!

Very nice, clean buses and only 5 rand (.31) for city routes.

At the V & A We had some sushi, then saw the movie Relevant.
Yikes, brutal..don’t know how anyone survived the settling of the west. Great, great photography though. All done with natural light. We always see movies on these trips. It’s our chance to catch up on all the movies dominated for Academy awards. One of those little things that we like to do together.


Cape Town-Monday-2/8

Day 4 Cape Town-If you are reading this, you will see that I put some time into making this WordPress blog a bit more user friendly. Admittedly is was a mess. I was flying by the seat of my pants, working in airports with a software program that has changed significantly since last used. The three older posts in the menu bar will just have to stay there, as I can’t seem to get them moved.

Pete’s still under the weather, but improving. He was anxious to find the Beer House, as he’s been unable to find a decent IPA made here in South Africa.  Just a few blocks towards the harbor from our apartment, we were settling down at a table when we were informed that all the inside tables were reserved.  So, even though it was 84 degrees F.  I know, I know, can hear the boos and hisses all the way to Cape Town.  Anyway we were seated with a single gentleman, Rod from Toronto out on the balcony. He’s here attending a mining convention. A very nice guy, who seems to be into responsible mining. He travels to some of the true hellholes of Africa. He was missing his wife terribly, so we hung out with him for a while.  He and Pete had a great time discussing beer.  Oh, all those reserved tables were for patrons that participate in a ‘Friends’ quiz game which is played regularly.  Really??

One other thing….where are the dogs? Haven’t seen any, guess they all have to stay home.



Cape Town-Sunday


Day 7 of the trip and Day 3 in Cape Town-

Pete woke up miserable with his cold.  He has been slugging down Umcka (dried, travel packs).  It doesn’t seem to be quite as effective as the bottled version.  So, a quiet day with hopes for a speedy recovery.

This afternoon we headed to the local Art Cinema and saw, The Big Short.  Being in the real estate industry, some of this was familia, but some of it was news to me.  What a disturbing look at our banking system and wall street. The fact we paid for the Trillions of $$$$ lost in the mortgage lending collapse, is unconscionable.  This movie is highly recommended and I can see why….well done.

Oh, learned something new tonight.  So, we knew a lot of places, including restaurants are closed on Sundays.  What we didn’t know is that bottled alcohol isn’t sold after 18:00.  It’s possible to get drinks in a restaurant, but no sales at grocery stores.  FYI, they use the 24 hour clock here.  I fine myself doing the conversion.  This is going to take some getting use to…




South Africa Adventure

We have always loved independent travel or exploring with a few good friends and family.

‘This trip is our biggest adventure yet….South Africa! We have spent months planning the trip. We’ve decided on a Cape Town apartment for the first month and then free travel, with no reservations, throughout South Africa until the end of March. Being a bit long in the tooth, this prospect has created some anxiety. But, it’s now or never, so here we go!

Flew out of Portland while watching an incredible sunrise.  I’ll take that as a good sign for the trip.  In fact I’ll take any good sign, as the lead up to departure was fraught with disaster.  The person covering Pete’s work cancelled with only a week to D day, I was rear ended and we had a kid in the hospital, emergency of course.  Thank goodness he is OK!
Some would say we weren’t meant to take this trip, but we hashed it over and decided to go ahead.

So, one leg completed and we are sitting in the sun enjoying the small, beautiful Long Beach Airport.

Lunching in Long Beach.  Got to love an airport with a wine bar!

Oh my, is that Pete with a beer? Is it noon? Yes, it is!