Cape Town-Monday-2/29

Day 26, Cape Town- Last dentist appointment for me today. I know I have been singing Dr. de Nysschen’s praises, but really unbelievable work. My crowns were done with some sort of electronic Novocain injection system that is almost totally painless. Then my teeth were digitally scanned. I watched Dr. de Nysschen create my crowns in 3-D on his computer and the result was then send to a 3-D printer that made the crowns in about 25 minutes. The fit was flawless on the first crown and a minor adjustment was needed on the second one. Absolutely no swelling or pain after the Novocain wore off. We discussed why this isn’t done in the US. Dr. de Nysschen said that most dentists have to get 20-30 patients through a day, so they take a mold for the crown, put in a temporary and the lab does what he does in his office. That is 2 opportunities for error and not as snug a fit. Most US dentists don’t have the time to do what Dr. de Nysschen does. His appointments run from one  to two hours, so he isn’t getting 20-30 patients through his office a day. I’m sure by South African standards he charges a arm and a leg, but by our standards he is a steal. Plus he and his staff are great people.


One of my favorite buildings on the bus trip down to the V & A.

Pete’s dental appointment was after mine today, which gave me plenty of time for shopping at the V & A Mall. All their summer clothes are on sale as they are moving into fall the end of March. I bought another bag (made in South Africa of discarded yacht sails) to carry all my purchases home.

Lucky Pete isn’t attractive to mosquitos. No matter how warm it is, I have had to sleep under the covers to keep from being eaten alive. I have tried repellent, but it’s so smelly that I don’t like putting it on at bedtime.  I call them stealth mosquitos. You don’t see them or hear them, they just get you. Evidently they are especially bad this year.

After Pete’s Novocain wore off we headed out to dinner. We weren’t able to get into the highly rated Chef’s Warehouse, so we headed to a favorite Tapas place. I had the Parma ham and Spanish salad, while Pete shared my huge order portions and had Lamb.

Both these restaurants are on Bree Street. It’s a quieter, mellowed option to Long Street and is loaded with good restaurants.

We decided to meander down towards the harbor a few blocks then take some of the little side streets on our way home. Ran into several art and home decor shops. These are definitely not Bella Casa!



Tomorrow Laura is picking us up for a Tour of two of the townships around Cape Town. It is highly recommended that you take a guide into the townships, as they aren’t considered safe to wander around on you’re own.

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