Day 23, The Peninsula-Yayy! Out of Cape Town.  We picked up our car this morning and Pete navigated through the city to M6, down the west side of the Peninsula. We traveled down through Camps Bay, Hout Bay, Noordhoek, Simon Town and Boulders Beach to the Cape of Good Hope.

Had to stop in Hout Bay at The World of Birds sanctuary.  Really a large and well planned bird and wildlife sanctuary, where you can walk through large aviaries with over three thousand birds. I made sure to wear a hat!

The featured photo is of the nesting Penguins at Boulders Beach. All the fuzzy, brownish colored birds are the babies.  We just loved watching them waddling, and hopping around. The Penguins were down to two mating pairs in this area. They are now up to over 2200 birds with protection. Boulders beach is just south of Simons Town where we will be spending the night. We did see Baboons at the Cape, but I got so excited that I fumbled the camera, so no pictures. The big male got within 3 feet of the car, before Pete rolled the window up. Smart Pete!


The Cape was spectacular, with beautiful rock formations, vegetation and sacred rock totems built by visitors.

Pete and I did the tourist thing and posed in front of the Cape of  Good Hope marker.

We also drove up to the old Cape lighthouse built in 1860 on the highest point in the cape area. Unfortunately it was built on too high a point. It was frequently shrouded in low lying clouds, which interfered with its ability to act as a navigational aid. A new lighthouse was built in 1919 on lower ground.



We got back into Simon Town at about 4:0o pm and checked into the Mariners Guesthouse with a balcony overlooking the harbor.

It was a nice walk down the hill into town through the old cemetery.  The guesthouse shuttle driver directed us to a great restaurant, Saveur. We had fresh oysters on the half shell from the bay and seared tuna, which Pete agreed was the best either of us have ever eaten. We made reservations for lunch tomorrow.

One  more Penguin shot for the road.




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