Cape Town-Thursday-2/25

Day 22, Cape Town.

We have taken the day off from sightseeing. Just relaxed, read books and enjoyed a quiet day.

Tomorrow we pick up a car in the morning and start down the peninsula to the Cape of Good Hope. I was mistaken, the Cape isn’t the southern most point in Africa. But it is the point where mariners coming from the Atlantic stop moving south to a more eastern route. Cape Agulhas further to the east is the southernmost point of the African continent. Because the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet there, it is one of the best fishing areas in South Africa. Tomorrow and Saturday will be good practice for our coming cross country road trip to Kruger National Park. Pete will get a chance to drive on the left side of the highway without a lot of city traffic.

We are anxious to get out of the city and start seeing more of South Africa. Other than the townships we have seen most everything we wanted to in Cape Town. It’s a great city, but like most cities its noisy and crowded. We are ready for some wide open spaces.

More this coming weekend, penguin colonies and hopefully no baboons, as they can be very aggressive. Here is a hilarious photo of baboons in action.



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