Cape Town-Saturday-2/20

Day 16, Cape Town- Up early today, so we can get to the Neighbor Goods Market before the crowds.  This Saturday market is located a couple miles north of Central Cape Town, in the parking structure for the Old Biscuit Mill.  This is an industrial area that is undergoing gentrification. We thought about walking, but were very glad we didn’t. The bus route was convoluted and the cab ride back wasn’t much better.

As you can see, we didn’t beat the crowds! What a crush of people. Obviously from the photos, this is a mostly white crowd. There was one fresh veg & fruit booth and all the rest was prepared food. We skipped breakfast so we would have room to try some of the different offerings. A very yummy bubbly, mushroom skewer and small gazpacho for me. Pete had a fabulous Pork belly sandwich and beer.



The guys on the left are making Paella.  The bubbly comes from the Cedarberg area where the soils are sandy limestone.  Very good! The Old Biscuit Mill has lots of shops and restaurants. It is open daily and we are planning on returning during the week when there aren’t such huge crowds. One of the best restaurants in Cape Town is located in the Mill.  The Tasting Room has rave reviews and no reservations out 2 months. Even their waiting list is full.  Oh well…we will just have to suffer through with all the other great restaurants.


A tip for traveling to South Africa or at least Cape Town. Don’t bother to pack a lot of clothes. There are some great clothing designers here and their beautiful garments are a fraction of the cost they would be in the US. I have bought a couple things, but wish I had room for more.

Had a very nice cab driver home. His name is Blessing. He’s from Zimbabwe, supporting his family back home, while studying for his IT degree.

After resting up we walked over to Euro Haus and had a light dinner, some excellent Cab from Ernie Els winery, then toddled home for the evening.

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