Cape Town-Tuesday-2/16

Day 12, Cape Town- The weather warmed up into the 80’s today. It didn’t feel that hot because the wind was gusting 25 to 35 mph.

Sneaky Pete was toasting his audience while I was practicing taking selfies. Check out Pete’s nose! It got fried, even with sunscreen and a hat. Think some zinc oxide might be in order.

So the plan for today got shot all to smithereens by the high winds. Our 1 pm tickets to Ferry to Robben Island were cancelled and we will need to reschedule. We traveled down to the waterfront early so we could locate the correct pier with time to spare. Since we were so early, we decided to take in the Aquarium. Here are some local denizens of the deep.



These hefty guys are Galjoens, the national fish of South Africa. Do we even have a national fish? Anyway, they aren’t pretty, but they are only found off the coast here. Evidently they are tasty, because they were being over fished. The SASSI (South African Sustainable Seafood Initiative…whew) has limited catches and doesn’t allow the sale of fish.

The little penguin featured at the top of the page is a South African Black Footed Penquin.  We are planning on driving (eek!) down the peninsula to see these cuties in the wild. I have refused to drive on the left side of the road. We can barely cross the street without getting run over, because the reflex is to look the wrong way.  We are getting better and Pete has agreed to drive, which leaves me to navigate. Yay….

Had fun wandering around the harbor, checking out the yachts and historic clock tower.  The tower was the original Port Captain’s Office built in 1882.

4 thoughts on “Cape Town-Tuesday-2/16

  1. Oh Dad your poor nose! It sure looks like you two are having a ball. Ryker is loving all the pictures! He was so excited about the sea turtle! Love you both!!


  2. LOVE reading your blog posts and seeing the pictures of Cape Town! Looks like you both are having fun. Be safe. Deanna Harris


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