Cape Town-Sunday-2/14

Day 10, Cape Town-We decided to do what any good Capetonian would do on Sunday and head to the beach. Caught the bus out of town and down the coast along the ocean promenade towards Sea Point.

When Cape Town was settled and commerce was growing, Lloyds of London refused to insure ships and their cargo that had to navigate treacherous Cape Town harbor. As a result the English were forced to build a new harbor and the city flourished.

Womderful old Art Deco condos looking towards the ocean and promenade.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated here, but isn’t as big a deal as in the US. Pete went in search of a card and wasn’t able to find any specifically for Valentines. He ended up giving me a card in Africaans, in which he had written sweet valentines greetings. So, of course I had to find the translation for the printed greeting “Jy maak die gewoon, buitengewoon! Lekker Verjaar”, which is “You make the ordinary, extraordinary! Happy Birthday”.  We got a good laugh out of that!  Most everyone here speaks Africanns (western Germanic descended from Dutch) and English.

Dinner reservations were made before leaving home for the Kloof Street House, great food and ambiance, plus very close to our apartment. We asked to be seated in their beautiful garden.


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