Cape Town-Friday-2/12

Day 8, Cape Town- Pete got a shot of the hop on hop off sightseeing bus as it passed under our balcony this morning.

That was some cold Pete had. He’s on the tail end, hopefully. My version is on day 2 and I’ve definitely had a low energy day, so we walked around the Company’s Garden, people watched and hit the African Museum. The museum is a natural history museum, which Pete and I both enjoy. It’s an incredibly well thought out, modern museum on the interior. As you can see, the historic exterior really gives no clue as to the modernization that awaits within.

Multiple levels have been created around a vast, hanging whale exhibit.


The Petroglyphs were especially well preserved. This Petroglyph was saved from a road construction project. The oldest Petroglyph in the museum has been dated as 80,000 years old.



We spent the whole afternoon looking at exhibits and stopped at the Company’s Garden cafe on our way home to relax in the garden and enjoy a glass of South African wine


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