Cape Town-Thursday-2/11

Day 7, Cape Town-As you can see, it’s a very hazy day in Cape Town. The church in the featured photo is right across the street from our apartment. We are standing behind it waiting at the bus stop.

Was awake until the early hours developing a mild version of Pete’s cold symptoms. We were careful, but I’m sure that hand washing dishes wasn’t enough to sanitize. Took some of what little cold/flu medicine we had left and decided reinforcements were in order. Plus we needed a few kitchen items and I had forgotten to pack another over the counter medicine. Searching online to see if I could find what I wanted, it looked like success was to be had at Dis-Chem pharmacy. The only problem is they are located in the suburbs. Getting a white knuckle grip on our bus pass cards Christiaan generously provided, we decided to take public transportation. It was hard to judge distance on the bus route map, but Century City, is about the same distance from downtown Cape Town as Beaverton is from Portland.

Three transfers and a lot of help from the super kind, friendly bus employees and riders, we made it to Century City. A mixed use development that has industry, golf courses, newer high end housing and upscale malls.

Getting out of the downtown area was an eye opener. First the number of whites to Africans and Colored (their term, not mine) is very small. The term “Colored” doesn’t have the same negative connotation here that it has in the US and other western countries.  The mixed race descendants of the Cape slaves are proud to be colored.  Although our connotations of “colored” are beginning to have an impact here. As declared by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and elaborated upon by Nelson Mandela upon his release from prison, this is truly a rainbow nation.  The other thing we noticed leaving the city is how quiet it is…no honking horns, endless chatter and competing music.

We found all the items on our list and celebrated by having lunch at Magnifico, a locally owned bistro. The lamb burgers were great, but what was really interesting was the glass enclosed smoking section. It had a huge ventilation system and although it was almost full of people, there was no smoke to be seen.


Good grief…look how clean that glass is! Not a whiff of cigarette smoke either and we weren’t that far away. Oh, the bar to the left serves alcohol, milkshakes, soft drinks, tea, smoothies and juice. Really covers all the food groups.


The church and star from our Juliette balcony.

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  1. All is well here. Enjoying the next 6 days of possible rain, but that’s better than 95 degrees. Talked to Nathan yesterday and he is doing well. I can see you two are enjoying your trip… Continue having fun. Mary

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