Cape Town-Tuesday-2/9

Poor Pete, thank goodness he’s feeling better, because today I’m chomping at the bit to get out and DO things.

So excited, Pete was gracious enough to accompany me to the South African National Gallery. The gallery features contemporary South African artists and opened in 1931. Much of the art in the 1980’s & 90’s wasn’t art for arts sake, but visual protests of Apartheid. The main exhibit at this time is of an African artist, Moses Tladi. He was the only African allowed to exibit when the National Gallery opened. Africans that were talented artists of that time were not allowed to study art, as the  attitude of the time was that study would ruin their natural talent.  If any of you have interest in more information on Tladi, I can send his bio.

Some of my other favorites.

After the National Gallery we walked to Greenmarket Square, where local African art, clothing, fabrics and assorted alluring tourist goodies are offered. OK, we bought a small collage painting of one of the local townships that we both love.

On the way to the square, we swung by St. Georges Cathedral where Nobel Laureate Desmond Tutu symbolically hammered on the doors, September 7, 1986 demanding to be made South Africa’s first black archbishop.

Oh, and we passed this Mercedes answer to the smart car during our travels.


Feeling pretty cocky at this point, we decided to attempt the city bus system. Took a baby step in a straight shot to the V & A Waterfront. We made it…Yay!

Very nice, clean buses and only 5 rand (.31) for city routes.

At the V & A We had some sushi, then saw the movie Relevant.
Yikes, brutal..don’t know how anyone survived the settling of the west. Great, great photography though. All done with natural light. We always see movies on these trips. It’s our chance to catch up on all the movies dominated for Academy awards. One of those little things that we like to do together.


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