Cape Town-Monday-2/8

Day 4 Cape Town-If you are reading this, you will see that I put some time into making this WordPress blog a bit more user friendly. Admittedly is was a mess. I was flying by the seat of my pants, working in airports with a software program that has changed significantly since last used. The three older posts in the menu bar will just have to stay there, as I can’t seem to get them moved.

Pete’s still under the weather, but improving. He was anxious to find the Beer House, as he’s been unable to find a decent IPA made here in South Africa.  Just a few blocks towards the harbor from our apartment, we were settling down at a table when we were informed that all the inside tables were reserved.  So, even though it was 84 degrees F.  I know, I know, can hear the boos and hisses all the way to Cape Town.  Anyway we were seated with a single gentleman, Rod from Toronto out on the balcony. He’s here attending a mining convention. A very nice guy, who seems to be into responsible mining. He travels to some of the true hellholes of Africa. He was missing his wife terribly, so we hung out with him for a while.  He and Pete had a great time discussing beer.  Oh, all those reserved tables were for patrons that participate in a ‘Friends’ quiz game which is played regularly.  Really??

One other thing….where are the dogs? Haven’t seen any, guess they all have to stay home.



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