Cape Town-Sunday


Day 7 of the trip and Day 3 in Cape Town-

Pete woke up miserable with his cold.  He has been slugging down Umcka (dried, travel packs).  It doesn’t seem to be quite as effective as the bottled version.  So, a quiet day with hopes for a speedy recovery.

This afternoon we headed to the local Art Cinema and saw, The Big Short.  Being in the real estate industry, some of this was familia, but some of it was news to me.  What a disturbing look at our banking system and wall street. The fact we paid for the Trillions of $$$$ lost in the mortgage lending collapse, is unconscionable.  This movie is highly recommended and I can see why….well done.

Oh, learned something new tonight.  So, we knew a lot of places, including restaurants are closed on Sundays.  What we didn’t know is that bottled alcohol isn’t sold after 18:00.  It’s possible to get drinks in a restaurant, but no sales at grocery stores.  FYI, they use the 24 hour clock here.  I fine myself doing the conversion.  This is going to take some getting use to…


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